about me

about me

I graduated with a master’s degree in 1982 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków- Faculty of Graphic Design in Katowice  and Postrgraduate Studies in the Department of Art Education at the University of Łódź in 2003. I am a member of the Polish Fine Arts Association, the Jurassic Photography Club and the Association of Artists  Form- Bild- Farbe in Niedernhausen- Germany. In 2013 and 2015 I was the official emissary of International Urban Open- air in Wieluń.

I employ miscellaneous artistic means to create oil, pastel, watercolour, mixed media and photographic works of art. I am deeply inspired by the bewildering beauty of world and nature, capturing it in my paintings, which carry the aura of harmony and tranquility. As I constantly pursue a search for variety, my paintings are created not only as an aftermath of my travels, but as a mirror of my surroundings. My paintings have been displayed at numerous individual and group art exhibitions, and can be found in private collections in Poland and abroad. My biographical sketches are included in “Złote Myśli Ludzi Wielkiego Umysłu , Talentu i Serca – Twórcy Wizerunku Polski” R.Hübner’s Encyclopaedia of famous Poles- “Who’s Who in Poland” and “Who‘s Who of European Women”.

Various exhibitions:

– ZPAP-BWA Częstochowa 1994, 1996, 1998, 2011

– National exhibition of landscape painting- Jurassic Autumn – City Art Gallery in Częstochowa – 1993- 1997, 2000- 2006,

Częstochowa’ Artists of the 20th Century– City Art Gallery in Częstochowa – 2000,

International Art Meetings– Sosnowiec – 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006,

– Jubilee Exhibition of Creative Environmental Silesian I am– ZPAP Gallery, Katowice – 2006,

– Exhibition of landscape paintings – The Amber Trail – Konopnica – 2008, 2009, 2010

– Landscape paintings showrooms:

Gothic Trail– Slovakia – 2007, The Danube– Hungary – 2007 – Regional Centre of Culture, Częstochowa

– Photographic Exhibition of landscape paintings from the workshops in the Crimea – 2005, Crete – 2010, in Turkey, 2011 – Regional Centre of Culture, Częstochowa,

– Showrooms- Polish Fine Artists  to Children– BWA Książ Castle – Wałbrzych – 2006, 2007,

– Charity auction in New York – Polish Fine Artists to Children– 2006, 2007.

-National exhibition of landscape painting Bobolice– Museum of Częstochowa- 2013,

Present and past Wieluń ‘s Delights– Fine Art Association- Kraków 2013,

-Interdysciplinary Art Exhibition- Częstochowa Art Gallery- 2015

-Post- Open- air Exhibition Wieluń- Traces of prehistory- Wieluń Museum- 2016

– National Exhibition Landscape: Rural VS Urban- The Brick Lane Gallery London- 2016

-Niedernhausen Town Hall- 2016

Individual painting exhibitions:

– Culture Centre in Olsztyn – 1995,

-Krasinski Manor- Złoty Potok – 1997,

-Raczynski Palace-Złoty Potok – 1998,

-Nieznanice  Palace – 2003,

-Zieleniewski Manor in Trzebinia – 2009,

-Zagłębie Theatre in Sosnowiec – 2009,

– Associations of Independent Creative Club „Marchołt” in Katowice – 2010,

– Sieradz Museum – 2010,

– Regional Culture Centre in Częstochowa – 2010,

– Galeria Po Schodkach- Janów – 2011,

– Culture Centre – Lelów 2012,

– Wejściówka Gallery- Gazeta Wyborcza – Częstochowa 2012,

– 30th Anniversary of artistic work- Concert Hall of Częstochowa- 2012,

– A permanent exhibition at the European Centre of Children’ Friendship- Świdnica.


-An award from the Headman of Częstochowa on merits for the region in the field of culture- 2013

– An award from the Mayor of Częstochowa in the scope of arts and culture for the creative presentation of the Czestochowa region and for preserving the values of artistic dimension- 2004

– First Prize from the President of the Polish Tourist Organisation in the National Competition for the Regional Tourist Souvenir – 2007

– Certificates of Czestochowa National Tourist Organisation for souvenirs of the region: Legend Boxes- 2005, Miniatures on Stones – 2007, Jurassic Symbols – 2011.